Campaign Guidelines

Elections will be held Wednesday, September 4 – Saturday, September 7.

Individuals may not begin campaigning UNTIL they receive written correspondence from Student Life confirming receipt of the application and verifying eligibility.

  1. The start date for spring campaigning is Saturday, August 31. Absolutely no campaigning shall be permitted before this date. Candidates planning on speaking to student groups throughout the campaign are permitted to arrange appointments prior to the start of campaigning.
  2. Campaigning shall be considered the display and distribution of posters, flyers, banners, chalking, and other visual displays of candidacy, as well as speaking to any university group or organization.
  3. No political affiliation may appear on signs or literature except the listing of offices held in political organizations.
  4. Candidates may not use amplifying devices. Chalking is allowed but must be compliant with all provisions of the Chalking Policy outlined in the latest version of the Student Handbook. Signs may only be posted on university bulletin boards as approved by the building supervisor for each given facility. Unauthorized postings will be removed and the candidate subject to disciplinary action. Large banners constructed of sheets and rope may be hung between trees in green areas of campus, but only one per green space is allowed. ALL publicity materials (flyers, posters, etc.) must receive stamped approval from the Office of Student Life.
  5. Candidates are prohibited from engaging in the solicitation of a vote in return for which compensation, financial or otherwise is granted, promised, suggested or implied.
  6. Negative campaigning, including false or defamatory statements or malicious action is prohibited.
  7. Campaign spending limits shall be set at three hundred (300) dollars for each Executive Officer candidate and one hundred (100) dollars for each Class Senator candidate. A spending report must be submitted to the SGA advisor one week after the election results are announced.
  8. Money may be solicited for campaign expenditures only.  Contributions are limited to fifty (50) dollars. Contributions may be solicited from individuals or organizations. Expense reports shall include direct and in-kind donations from individuals or organizations.
  9. Candidates are responsible for being aware of any rules and regulations regarding any type of election activities in the Student Handbook. Candidates in violation of any part of the Student Handbook may be disciplined by the University as well as face possible penalties by the SGA Supreme Court.
  10. Joint campaigning is permitted. Candidates for Class Senators may campaign together and may produce joint campaign materials. Executive Officer candidates may also campaign together on a joint ticket. Joint candidates may share expense accounts.
  11. Write-in candidates will not be considered for SGA positions.