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Church BSM Event Request Form

Church BSM Event Request Form

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Please use the form below to request students from HPU BSM to serve at your church's event. Our students would love to serve your church. Requests are processed in the order they were received. We would like to accommodate every church that requests our students, but there are times when we simply don't have enough students to send to every place requested.

Each student sent through HPU BSM would have had a training session about Disciple Now and Fifth Quarter activities, but it is up to each church to direct these students how their event should be led.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Keith Platte at for more information.

The HPU BSM can typically fulfill requests under 12 people and with at least 3 weeks advanced notice. Please allow this much time for us to recruit students. If it looks like we will not be able to complete your full request, our Disciple Now coordinator will stay in contact with you about our progress and will give you enough time to make other arrangements if necessary.

If you would like to compensate the student(s) for their time, please make any payments directly to the student(s). The BSM cannot disburse payments from churches to students. If you would additionally like to make contributions to the BSM, we would love for your church to donate to our mission trips.

The BSM does not have a background check on every student we send out. While we try to screen and train the students we send, everything we ask is voluntary. Each church we partner with is asked, in the interest of their own students, to complete their own background checks.

The HPU BSM completes an overview training with students, but since each event is different, please invest time into our student leaders as they are investing time into serving at your church/event. If you have training material, please communicate it in a timely manner to our students. We ask that our students are well-prepared physically, mentally and spiritually before they attend your event.