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HPU student Doug Turner finishes third in simulated business competition

Howard Payne University senior Doug Turner recently competed and finished third place in his industry in the Glo-Bus Best Strategy Invitational. The two-week-long online competition involved 67 teams and individuals from institutions of higher education around the world.

Turner, a business administration major from Early, was among competitors selected from among the top tier of the 3,973 participants in the general Glo-Bus simulation.

“The simulation was a valuable tool for practicing real-world skills and decisions in a safe environment,” he said. “I personally used it to test a theory about succeeding in the market while still compensating employees generously. HPU provides an excellent balance of sound business lessons and Christian ethics, demonstrating that we do not necessarily need to choose between our Christianity and success in our chosen field.”

Students in HPU’s business capstone class, instructed by Dr. Powell, participate each year in Glo-Bus’ business simulation non-competitively during the course of 10 weeks. Each participant from HPU is tasked with making decisions for a simulated global company, including managing production, marketing, corporate stock, loans and corporate social responsibility.

“The Glo-Bus business simulation is a valuable experience that shows the students how all of their business decisions interact to affect many different parts and results of the company,” said Dr. Debra Powell, associate professor of business. “Doug is a quick learner and picked up on the relationships in the simulation very well. He also did an excellent job managing the company for the 10-week simulation in class.”

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HPU faculty and staff members honored for service to the university

Members of Howard Payne University’s faculty and staff were recently honored at an annual personnel recognition luncheon held on campus. Dr. Kristen Hutchins, associate professor of biology, received the Outstanding Faculty Member award and Nikki Donathan, cashier and staff accountant, was presented the Outstanding Staff Member award for the 2018-2019 academic year.

The outstanding faculty and staff member awards are made possible by Underwood’s Cafeteria and Porter Insurance Agency, respectively.

Certificates recognizing excellence in teaching were presented to Dr. Kylah Clark-Goff, dean of the School of Education and professor of education, and to Mike Daub, CPA, associate professor of accounting.

Certificates recognizing excellence in service were presented to staff members Katrina Lynn, business and human resources coordinator, and Hunter Sims, athletic director.

Special plaques commemorating retirement and years of service to the university were presented to Glenda Huff, director of financial aid; Lynn Humeniuk, associate professor of criminal justice and sociology and director of the criminal justice program; Dan Humeniuk, assistant professor emeritus of social work; and Dr. Nancy Jo Humfeld, professor emeritus of theatre.

The following individuals also received awards.

Five years of service  Laura Benoit, director of alumni relations; Dr. Magen Bunyard, vice president of student life and dean of students; Dr. Cherri Conley, instructional technology specialist; Sareta Delgado, executive assistant to the vice president for development; Scott Eddy, instructor of mathematics; Dr. Richard Fiese, dean of the School of Music and Fine Arts and professor of music; Dr. Adrian Gil, director of the El Paso Center and associate professor of business; Jeremy Hogue, database administrator; Lori Hurt, accounts payable coordinator; Celeste Justice, administrative assistant to the dean of advising and general education; Rebecca Mendoza-Pate, executive assistant to the vice president for finance; Dr. Nancy Romig, assistant professor of English; Kay Teague, instructor of mathematics; and Colleen Westfall, head women’s volleyball coach

Ten years of service – Kenan Boland, J.D., adjunct faculty for the School of Education; David Foster, assistant softball coach and assistant golf coach; Diane Hackney, custodial services supervisor; Kevin Kirk, associate vice president for enrollment management; Dr. Stephen Kovach, associate professor of Christian studies and criminal justice (El Paso Center); Dr. Jennifer McNiece, assistant professor of government and director of international study and academic travel; Hunter Sims, athletic director; and Jamie Skaggs, part-time university nurse

Fifteen years of service – Deborah Childs, director of university events; Dr. Celeste Church, interim provost and assistant vice president for retention, research and accreditation; Dr. Gregory Church, professor of music; Russell Ezzell, director of network and infrastructure services; Katrina Lynn, business and human resources coordinator; Stephen Lynn, head baseball coach; and Dr. Rodney Stephens, associate professor of English and chair of the department of English

Twenty years of service – Teresa Cavitt, instructor of kinesiology; Abram Choate, assistant director of athletics for communications; Dr. Trissa Cox, professor of computer information systems; and Stephen Goacher, professor of music

Twenty-five years of service  Lynn Humeniuk, associate professor of sociology and director of the criminal justice program; Marsha Larremore, financial aid advisor and grants and scholarships coordinator; Dr. Wendy McNeeley, assistant vice president of university records and dean of general education; Diane Owens, part-time director of the pre-college music program; and Juanita Sypert, library collections and government documents coordinator

Thirty years of service – Mike Daub, CPAassociate professor of accounting


Cutlines: Dr. Kristen Hutchins (third from left), recipient of the Outstanding Faculty Member Award, is pictured with Jill Underwood (left), Paul Underwood (second from left) and Dr. Cory Hines, HPU president (right). The Outstanding Faculty Member Award is made possible by Underwood’s Cafeteria.

Nikki Donathan (third from left), recipient of the Outstanding Staff Member Award, is pictured with Tanner Spears (left), Lanie Spears (second from left) and Dr. Cory Hines, HPU president. The Outstanding Staff Member Award is made possible by Porter Insurance Agency.


Pittman family donates drum set to HPU Jazz Ensemble

Buddy and Carolyn Pittman, parents of Howard Payne University student and ensemble member Chase Pittman, recently donated a drum set to HPU’s Jazz Ensemble. The Pittmans’ donation was announced at an ensemble concert titled “The Gift of Rhythm,” held this spring.

“The story of the new drum set for the Department of Music is really a story of servants’ hearts,” said Dr. Richard Fiese, dean of the School of Music and Fine Arts. “Chase, Buddy and Carolyn generously acted upon an opportunity they saw to serve the Lord and the Chapel services at HPU through the gift of music and a new drum set.”

Chase, a sophomore from Trophy Club majoring in accounting, is a guitarist in the Jazz Ensemble. Through his involvement with the ensemble, he recognized the need for a new set. After his parents became aware of the need, they approached Stephen Goacher, professor of music and director of the Jazz Ensemble, about making the donation.

The Department of Music previously had a single drum set used in Jazz Ensemble performances and by the HPU Chapel Band. The donation allows each musical group to have its own dedicated set for practices and performances.

Applications are still being accepted for the fall 2019 semester at Howard Payne University ( For more information about HPU, including the wide range of available financial aid options, contact HPU’s Office of Admission at 325-649-8020 or by e-mail at


Cutline:The Pittman family recently donated a new drum set to the HPU Jazz Ensemble. Pictured from left to right at the concert announcing the donation are Buddy, Chase and Carolyn Pittman, along with Stephen Goacher, director of the Jazz Ensemble and professor of music.

HPU recognizes 223 students for academic success

Howard Payne University honored 223 students for academic success during the spring 2019 semester. Students must earn a 4.0 grade point average to be named to the President’s List, a 3.65-3.99 grade point average to be named to the Dean’s List and a 3.5-3.64 grade point average to be named to the Honor Roll.

Kylie Johnson, President’s List

Bethany McClure, Dean’s List

Brianna Weaver, President’s List

Jessica Catlett, Dean’s List

Taylor Davis, President’s List
Bailey Farmer, Honor Roll

James Cook, Dean’s List
Marisa Echtle, Dean’s List
Emma Reed, President’s List
Cade Varrichio, Dean’s List

Riley Morrison, President’s List
Matthew Prall, President’s List
Luke Victor, Dean’s List

Landon James, Dean’s List

Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Xavier Haines, Dean’s List

Preston Newman, President’s List
Daniel Patterson, Dean’s List

Sawyer Fisher, Dean’s List
David Frost, President’s List

Leah Gordish, Honor Roll
Charles Lewis, Dean’s List

Emma Kacal, Dean’s List

Jessica Meeks, Dean’s List

Suzanne Schad, President’s List

Conner Faught, President’s List

Skyler Andrews, Dean’s List
Destiny Bible, Dean’s List
Kaitlyn Bush, President’s List
Cameron Butler, President’s List
Haleigh Clevenger, President’s List
Kinsey Colegrove, Dean’s List
Kyle Hampton, President’s List
Kristen Herring, President’s List
Joel Justice, President’s List
Weston Kirbo, President’s List
Tanya Martinez, Honor Roll
Jennifer Martinez, President’s List
Grace Milcherska, President’s List
Rosa Munoz, President’s List
Timothy Murphy, Dean’s List
Marleyna Murray, President’s List
Bailey Myler, President’s List
Hannah Netherton, President’s List
Shantel Oplotnik, President’s List
Seth Owen, President’s List
Kory Owen, President’s List
Tanner Pennington, President’s List
Grace Randolph, President’s List
Stephanie Tarigan, President’s List
Alexandra Thompson, Dean’s List
Tricia Webb, President’s List
Katelyn Zimmer, President’s List
Andreahnna Rosenquist, Honor Roll

Buffalo Gap
Rachel Myers, Honor Roll

Madelyn Deviney, Dean’s List

Vanessa Castaneda, President’s List

Caddo Mills
Tabatha Moore, Honor Roll

Kathryn Grice, President’s List

Cedar Hill
Micah Hays, President’s List

Carter Renfro, Dean’s List

Robert Caraway, Dean’s List
Hannah Stuart, Dean’s List
Tonya Thompson, Honor Roll

Clifton, Colorado
Caleb Kostreva, President’s List

Brianne Davis, Dean’s List
Meagan Hanson, President’s List
Nicole Rivera, Honor Roll

Corpus Christi
Paige Bowers, Dean’s List
Tatiana Robles Figueroa, Honor Roll

Cross Plains
Joe Alexander, Dean’s List

Cecily McIlwain, President’s List

Rachel Acker, Dean’s List
Samantha Barnard, Dean’s List
Hunter Coffee, Dean’s List
Abraham Cooper, President’s List
MaKayla De Leon, President’s List
Tanya Glasscock, President’s List
Payton Hackney, President’s List
Tristan Horton, Dean’s List
Reid Longabaugh, Honor Roll
Lauren Piper, Dean’s List
Meagan Sessler, President’s List
Shaunna Simpson, Dean’s List
Braxton Weaver, President’s List
Kaley Whitley, Honor Roll

El Paso
Pedro Preciado, Honor Roll
Maria Wright, Dean’s List

David Jaramillo-Alejo, Honor Roll
Karla Zachary, Dean’s List

Madisynn Thames, Honor Roll

Abraham Centeno, Honor Roll

Fort Worth
Clifford Lunceford, Honor Roll
Lucy Manning, President’s List
Jalen Pate, Honor Roll
Reed Shelley, President’s List
Matthew Smith, President’s List
Collin Wright, President’s List
Ty Wright, Honor Roll

Jeremy Houston, President’s List

Rebekah Barnett, President’s List
Madison Marzullo, President’s List
Ryan Richardson, President’s List

Karlie Scott, Dean’s List

Sierra Ross, President’s List

Garden Ridge
Camila Cotter, President’s List

Breanna Clover, Dean’s List
Alex Mata, Honor Roll
Madison Sims, Honor Roll

Nicole Ferrell, Honor Roll

Sarah Fernandez, President’s List

Seth Rainey, President’s List

Mackinzey Boyer, President’s List

Grand Prairie
Gabriella Diaz De Leon, Dean’s List

Grand Saline
Connor Lowe, President’s List

Jordan Sweat, President’s List

Tamera Ryan, President’s List

Madeline Rhodes, President’s List
Ezra Rubio, President’s List

Kira Teel, Honor Roll

Sara Heinrichs, President’s List

Reagan Coleman, President’s List
Lesly Garcia, Honor Roll
Christian Wilson, Honor Roll

Lindsey Krueger, President’s List
Benjamin Olin, Honor Roll
Tyler Olin, Honor Roll

William Payne, Honor Roll

Kathleen Cravey, President’s List

Delaney Castor, President’s List

Oscar Hernandez, Dean’s List

Jones Creek
Rylee McGee, Honor Roll

Jordan Easterling, Dean’s List

Anastasia Willis, Honor Roll

Morgan Patterson, Dean’s List

Manuel Torralba, Dean’s List

Lake Jackson
Mackenzie Langham, President’s List
Hogan Stogner, Dean’s List

McKennah Randall, Honor Roll
Hope Veroneau, Honor Roll

League City
Thomas Carte, Dean’s List

Madeline DuPre, Dean’s List
Matthew Martin, President’s List

Lebanon, Oregon
Joshua Gerig, Dean’s List

John Clanton, President’s List

Little Elm
Danielle Ketter, President’s List
Brady Wade, Dean’s List

Live Oak
Brad Ward, Honor Roll

Madison Zardiackas, President’s List

Maple Grove, Minnesota
Victoria Johnson, Honor Roll

Sarah Abi Brown, President’s List
Hannah Williams, President’s List

Sarah German, President’s List

Cindy Gutierrez, Honor Roll

Britt Boler, President’s List
Robert Evans, Honor Roll

Midway, Arkansas
David Manolof, Dean’s List
Jessica Swonger, President’s List

Mount Pleasant
Maci Dorsey, Dean’s List

New Braunfels
Rebecca Fresne, President’s List
Jade Huerta, Dean’s List
Adelaide Joralemon, President’s List
Hannah McCain, President’s List
Ty McCain, President’s List
Sebastian Paulmann, President’s List
McKenzie Van Geffen, President’s List

Newport, Arkansas
Mikala Meadows, Dean’s List

North Richland Hills
Lacey Eagan, Dean’s List

Jessica Lee, President’s List

Dalton Pendergrass, Dean’s List

Melinda Mendoza, President’s List

Sarah Ramos, Dean’s List

Anaelyssa Quintanilla, Honor Roll

Zachary Gingrich, Honor Roll

Bret Eisenbach, Dean’s List

Brian Blanchard, Dean’s List
Erin Blanchard, Honor Roll

Ryan Stanford, Honor Roll

Round Rock
Shawn Brody, President’s List
Courtney Cantrell, President’s List
Ryan McCord, Honor Roll
Penny Stehlik, President’s List

Rachel Carpenter, President’s List

Royse City
Brett Martinez, Honor Roll

Runaway Bay
Lainee Hasty, Dean’s List

San Angelo
Kelsey Bunch, President’s List
Wesley Haman, President’s List
Juan Luna, President’s List
Erin McCleer, President’s List

San Antonio
Brittany Brown, Dean’s List
DeVante Donald, Dean’s List
Marzena Marroquin, Dean’s List
Sabrina Martinez, President’s List
Collin Salyers, President’s List

San Saba
Caelob Hardman, Dean’s List

Jenna Stuard, President’s List

Carol Aramendia, Dean’s List
Abigail Castillo, Honor Roll
Reed Collins, Honor Roll
Cameron White, Dean’s List

Benjamin Schardt, Honor Roll

Kayla Anderson, President’s List

Jesse Paschal, President’s List

Seth Becker, President’s List
Britni Hays, Honor Roll

Payge Grable, Dean’s List

Madelyn Smith, Dean’s List

Cali Brockway, President’s List

Topeka, Kansas
Jayde Miyamoto, President’s List

Trophy Club
Chase Pittman, President’s List

Tucson, Arizona
Karissa Dusek, President’s List

Kayla Chadwick, Dean’s List

Hannah Quackenbush, Dean’s List

Universal City
Elena Standridge, President’s List

Valley Mills
Lance Bracco, Dean’s List

Chandler Clark, President’s List
Chelsey Harris, Dean’s List

Daniela Puente, Dean’s List

Sidney Ganus, President’s List

Morgan McCoy, President’s List

Wolfe City
Brandon Fisk, Dean’s List

Jakayli Coppic, President’s List
Kashtyn Eoff, Honor Roll
Emily Talley, President’s List

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HPU honors six students for servant leadership

Six Howard Payne University students were recently honored for acts of servant leadership on campus and in the community. The awards were presented during HPU’s annual Servant Leadership Program.

“Formally recognizing servant leadership is an indication that it is an attribute highly valued by the university,” said Dr. Donnie Auvenshine, professor of Christian studies and dean of HPU’s School of Christian Studies. “As a Christian university, we cherish the type of servant leadership demonstrated most clearly by Jesus Christ. Each of the students recognized is a great example of this type of leadership.”

Seniors Jessica Catlett of Alleyton and Caleb Kostreva of Clifton, Colorado, were each presented the Nat Tracy Servant Leader Award. The HPU Servant Leadership Award was presented to juniors Abi Fraser of Wylie, Justin Hughes of Llano, Hannah Williams of May and Anastasia Willis of Katy. Nominations for both the Nat Tracy Servant Leader Award and the HPU Servant Leadership Award are solicited each spring from HPU staff, faculty and students.

The Nat Tracy Servant Leader Award was established in 1998 to honor the life of the late Dr. Nat Tracy, a faculty member in HPU’s School of Christian Studies from 1950 to 1975.

Jessica Catlett, a May 2019 graduate, double majored in social work and the Guy D. Newman Honors Academy. She is a recipient of both the Hatton W. Sumner Foundation scholarship and the Daughters of the American Revolution’s Cornelia A. Massengill Scholarship. Catlett has participated in Gamma Beta Phi, Model United Nations and the BSM state leadership team, and has served the Social Work Club in many capacities. As a student, Catlett worked on campus as a resident assistant while also volunteering in Awana at CABC and the student ministry May First Baptist Church.

Caleb Kostreva, who also graduated in May, double majored in social science with a global studies emphasis and the Guy D. Newman Honors Academy. As a student, he was active in the Student Government Association (SGA) as the presiding senior senator and Model United Nations. He also participated in the Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) while serving as a resident assistant and working with HPU’s Office of Institutional Advancement. He has also been involved in Coggin Avenue Baptist Church’s (CABC) university ministry as a member of the worship team.

Established in 2007 by HPU through the generosity of the Moore Foundation and Barney II Foundation, the HPU Servant Leadership Award recognizes student excellence in the areas of leadership and service. A $1,000 scholarship is provided to each recipient of the award, and each student designates $250 of the scholarship award to be given to his or her chosen charity.

Abi Fraser is a Christian education major and has been involved in the BSM since she arrived at HPU in 2016. She is an active member of Pi Theta Chi and a small group leader for youth at CABC. She also leads a Bible study at Cross Classical Academy for students in fifth through eighth grades.

Justin Hughes is an engineering science major and has been a student worker as a resident assistant and with HPU’s University Services office. He has been named to the Dean’s List multiple times and in 2018 was recognized as Outstanding Lower Division Student in Engineering Science. He is an active member of Delta Epsilon Omega and serves at CABC as a university ministry intern and an audiovisual volunteer.

Hannah Williams, an elementary education major, has served as chaplain for SGA, a student worker at Walker Memorial Library and a leader in the BSM. She also serves as the children’s minister at May First Baptist Church and has helped with summer camps, such as Super Summer.

Anastasia Willis, an athletic training major, has been a member of the women’s basketball team as a player and captain. She helped start the Black Student Association to help celebrate diversity on campus and serves as its vice president. She has also served on the leadership team for the Baptist Student Ministry. Willis is a member of Chi Alpha Omega, serves on the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and made Academic All-Conference in basketball in 2017-2018 as well as Honorable Mention All-West Division for 2018-2019.

Applications are still being accepted for the fall 2019 semester at Howard Payne University. HPU offers a variety of financial aid options. For more information about HPU, contact HPU’s Office of Admission at 325-649-8020 or by e-mail at


Cutlines: Caleb Kostreva and Jessica Catlett are recipients of HPU’s Nat Tracy Servant Leader Award. They are pictured with President Cory Hines, Ph.D.

President Cory Hines, Ph.D., stands with HPU Servant Leadership Award recipients (from left) Anastasia Willis, Hannah Williams, Justin Hughes and Abi Fraser.

Jenna Stuard of Scurry awarded HPU’s Yellow Rose Scholarship

Jenna Stuard, a Howard Payne University student from Scurry, is the recipient of the 2018-2019 Yellow Rose Scholarship, an award given annually by the HPU Woman’s Club. The announcement was made during the Yellow Rose Scholarship Luncheon, held recently on campus.

This scholarship is awarded annually to a female student who will begin her junior year the upcoming fall semester and has maintained at least a 3.0 grade point average since beginning her freshman year at HPU. She is to have participated in campus extracurricular activities and exhibited leadership qualities representative of the Christian values and beliefs fundamental to HPU.

Stuard has certainly met these requirements, having maintained a high grade point average while being involved in the community and at HPU. She is working toward a Bachelor of Science degree in clinical/counseling psychology and hopes to eventually earn a doctorate in psychology and pursue a career as a child and adolescent psychologist.

Stuard is a member of Chi Alpha Omega, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Student Government Association, Psi Chi and Pi Gamma Mu. She is also a member of the women’s soccer team and has served as a student intern for University Services.

Off campus, Stuard has volunteered as a faith-based mentor at the Ron Jackson State Juvenile Correction Complex and with Fields of Faith, an annual event for area students sponsored by Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She has also served as a youth leader at Victory Life Church. These many areas of Stuard’s community involvement confirm her commitment to serving youth and adolescents.

“Jenna embraces the core values of HPU,” said Debbie Childs, Stuard’s supervisor and HPU’s director of university events. “She is Christ-centered, determined and continues to engage her mind and spirit to those she meets daily whether in her class, on campus or volunteering in the community, while maintaining a high grade point average.”

Applications are still being accepted for the fall 2019 semester at Howard Payne University ( HPU offers a variety of financial aid options, including scholarships for students from Brown County and surrounding counties. For more information about HPU, contact HPU’s Office of Admission at 325-649-8020 or by e-mail at


Cutline: Pictured at HPU’s Yellow Rose Luncheon are sophomore Jenna Stuard (left), 2019-2020 Yellow Rose Scholarship recipient; Debbie Childs (center), director of university events; and Dr. Diana Ellis (right), HPU’s former first lady and Woman’s Club president.

Representatives of HPU’s Baptist Student Ministry work with churches in New York

Six representatives of the Howard Payne University Baptist Student Ministry recently traveled to New York City to serve with churches in the city. During the 10-day trip, the team visited and worked with Graffiti Church, First Polish Baptist Church and Maranatha Romanian Baptist Church.

 The group consisted of students Tyler Dingle, a junior from Bellville majoring in youth ministry; Ryan McCord, a sophomore from Round Rock majoring in Bible; Destiny Ramirez, a senior from Odessa majoring in elementary education; TJ Shands, a freshman from Stanton majoring in liberal arts; and Madison Zardiackas, a sophomore from Lockhart majoring in the Guy D. Newman Honors Academy and social science with an emphasis in jurisprudence. HPU BSM director Keith Platte accompanied the students.

“Taking students on a trip like this is instrumental in helping them see how God works across geographic, racial, socio-economic and generational boundaries,” said Platte.

The group spent three days at Graffiti Church helping with the church’s afterschool program and served meals to people in local parks through the Free Lunch in the Park program.

“Our students got to learn from the people of Graffiti Church about their philosophy of ministry,” Platte said. “Their church is often out in the community serving people as a means to share the love, grace and message of Jesus Christ. They often say ‘meet the need first,’ which is how they believe Jesus would be ministering in their community.”

Following their time spent with Graffiti Church, the BSM team attended a Sunday worship service with First Polish Baptist Church, where Tyler Dingle preached through an interpreter. They also visited Maranatha Romanian Baptist Church, where Dingle also preached. The group visited members of the Polish church, living in other parts of the city, and helped to clean around the church building.

“Cities like New York are global cities,” Platte said. “You can visit people from every inhabitable continent and see the work of God. You can also see the immense need for God’s people to continue serving and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. It was an invaluable time for us to connect with believers from other parts of the world, in different languages sometimes, serving the God who created us for good works.”

Ryan McCord commented on the significance of the trip, specifically the learning opportunity it presented.

“The trip I took to New York with the BSM was both challenging and reformative,” said McCord. “It was unlike any mission trip I had ever been on. We jumped in and did what we could when we had the chance. The biggest thing I learned from this is that you do not need a plan or a set schedule to serve God. Jumping in and helping here and there is just as much a blessing and a valid way to do God’s work.”

Applications are still being accepted for the fall 2019 semester at Howard Payne University ( For more information about HPU, including the wide range of available financial aid options, contact HPU’s Office of Admission at 325-649-8020 or by e-mail at


Cutline: Six representatives of Howard Payne University’s Baptist Student Ministry recently travelled to New York City to serve with area churches. Pictured from left to right are Madison Zardiackas, Destiny Ramirez, Keith Platte, TJ Shands, Tyler Dingle and Ryan McCord.

Rachel Myers named first recipient of Dr. Robert G. and Mrs. Cheryl Mangrum Endowed Scholarship at HPU

Howard Payne University student Rachel Myers was recently named the first recipient of the Dr. Robert G. and Mrs. Cheryl Mangrum Endowed Scholarship. The scholarship was created by the Mangrums with the intent to financially assist HPU students from Dallas or Taylor counties or who are history or music majors.

“The students have been such a blessing to us over the years,” said Cheryl Mangrum. “We started this scholarship to try to find a way to give back to the students and help them.”

Myers is a senior from Buffalo Gap, in Taylor County, majoring in cross-cultural studies.

“The fact that this scholarship exists is proof of the care and love the faculty and staff have for the students,” she said. “I came to HPU because I admired the community that is here. I’ve been welcomed into this community and have loved every second of my time here. This scholarship is such a blessing and it’s awesome that I know the people who have given it to me.”

The opportunity to help students of the institution they have served so long was highly anticipated by the Mangrums.

“We had always talked about starting a scholarship,” said Dr. Mangrum, “so when the opportunity presented itself, we did.”

Since arriving in Brownwood in 1980, the Mangrums have served in numerous capacities at HPU for more than 30 years.

Dr. Mangrum, professor of history and government at HPU, also serves as the university historian, Coley Chair of History and, for nearly 34 years, sponsor of HPU’s chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, a national honorary band fraternity. He served for 13 years as the director of HPU’s Guy D. Newman Honors Academy and four years as faculty sponsor of Student Government. He was also associate dean for the School of Humanities and served for 29 years as chair of the Department of History. In addition to his duties at HPU, he has also served as mayor of Early since 2005.

Cheryl Mangrum works in the Office of Admission as the associate director of admission. She began working in the area of admission and recruiting in 1981 and graduated from HPU in 1991. She has been an active supporter of the Yellow Jacket Band. She was named an honorary band alumna and member of HPU’s chapters of national honorary band sorority Tau Beta Sigma and of Kappa Kappa Psi. She was also recognized as HPU’s Outstanding Staff Member for the 1999-2000 academic year.

Applications are still being accepted for the fall 2019 semester at Howard Payne University ( For more information about HPU, including the wide range of available financial aid options, contact HPU’s Office of Admission at 325-649-8020 or by e-mail at


Cutline: HPU senior Rachel Myers, center, recently was named the first recipient of the Dr. Robert G. and Mrs. Cheryl Mangrum Endowed Scholarship. Pictured with Myers are Cheryl Mangrum and Dr. Robert Mangrum.

HPU Pre-College music students earn top honors at state competition

Twelve students from Howard Payne University’s Pre-College Music and Art Program recently participated in the Texas Federated Music Clubs State Competition at Texas State University in San Marcos. Many of the students who competed took home high honors.

The outstanding rating in Vocal Solo/Musical Theatre was awarded to Angie Calfa and Emmagrace Quillin. The outstanding rating in Vocal Solo/Art Song was awarded to Angie Calfa and Sydney Neel. The outstanding rating in Piano Solo went to Andrew Boren, Alecs Butka, Maddox Butka, Vic Cooper, Abigail Dean and Matthew Till. Students who received the superior rating in the same category were Sofia Butka and Cashlyn Kearney.

“We are very proud of these students and their accomplishments,” said Diane Owens, director of the program and adjunct instructor in HPU’s School of Music and Fine Arts. “A big ‘thank you’ also goes to the teachers and parents who encourage and support these young musicians.”

The Pre-College Music and Art Program serves the Brownwood community by offering music and art lessons to children and adults. Enrollment for the fall semester will begin in mid-August. Classes begin on Labor Day and continue through mid-December.

For more information, contact Diane Owens at 325-649-8501 or, or contact Jill Holamon at 325-649-8500 or


HPU honors 61 students at Academic Awards Convocation

Howard Payne University honored 61 students for academic achievements at the university’s annual Academic Awards Convocation, held near the end of the spring 2019 semester.

Receiving awards were:

Kylie Johnson, Honor Award in Spanish

Brianna Weaver, Outstanding New Secondary Teacher and English Academic Achievement Award

Jessica Catlett, Honor Award in Social Work

Emma Reed, Outstanding Model United Nations Student

Riley G. Morrison, Outstanding Student in Marketing and Outstanding Graduate in Engineering Science

Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Xavier Haines, HPU Outstanding Male Scholar-Athlete

Kaitlyn Bush, Outstanding Student in Practical Theology and Outstanding Student in Christian Studies
Cameron Butler, Outstanding Spanish Minor
Kristen Herring, Outstanding New Elementary Teacher
Hannah Justice, Outstanding Graduate in Biomedical Science
Joel Justice, Outstanding Student in Biblical Languages
Grace Milcherska, Outstanding New Elementary Teacher
Bailey Myler, Outstanding Moot Court Student
Seth Owen, Outstanding Student in Physical Education
Tanner Pennington, Outstanding History Student
Grant Saltar, Outstanding Music Major (Instrumental) Upper Division
Anna Vallejo, Outstanding Nontraditional Student
Tricia S. Webb, Outstanding Perseverance Award

Suzanne Schad, Outstanding Music Major (Piano) Upper Division

Preston Davis, English Academic Achievement Award

Sierra Ross, Outstanding Mock Trial Student and Honor Award in Spanish

Canyon Country, California
Matthew Davis, Outstanding Student in Christian Education

Kathryn Grice, Outstanding Swarm Yearbook Staff Member

Clifton, Colorado
Caleb Kostreva, Outstanding Government Student

Corpus Christi
Ethan Cerna, Outstanding Upper Division Student in Biology

Jaime Dodson, Honor Award in Psychology

Audrey Joan Simpson, Outstanding Student in the School of Business and Tami Pattillo Memorial Award

Richard Treviso, Outstanding Upper Division Student in Chemistry

Cecily McIlwain, Outstanding Student in Cross-Cultural Studies and Outstanding Student in Christian Studies
Spencer Wolverton, Outstanding Upper Division Student in Communication Studies

Caleb Callaway, Outstanding Lower Division Student in Communication Studies
Abraham Cooper, Distinguished Music Major Achievement Award and Excellence in Chemistry Award
MaKayla De Leon, Outstanding Lower Division Student in Mathematics
Tanya Glasscock, Outstanding Nontraditional Student in Education

Fort Worth
Reed Alexander Shelley, Outstanding Student in Marketing and ASC Medal of Honor Award

Garden Ridge
Camila Cotter, Outstanding New All-Level Teacher and Outstanding Music Major (Vocal)

Seth Rainey, Outstanding Yellow Jacket Newspaper Staff Member

Haltom City
Dayane Gutierrez, Outstanding Student in Management

Cody Harrison Hughes, Outstanding Student in Accounting

Lindsey Krueger, Outstanding Music Service Award
Tyler Olin, Outstanding Student Speaker Bureau Member and Texas All-State Forensics Squad

Noah Payne, Paul Jay Cunningham Memorial Award

Kathleen Cravey, Outstanding Academic Achievement in Communication Studies

Talen Davis-Rentfro, Outstanding Lower Division Engineering Science Student

Hailey Green, Outstanding Achievement in Theatre

David Dingle, Outstanding Graduate in Biology

Lake Jackson
Hogan Stogner, Outstanding Lower Division Engineering Student

Graham White, Outstanding Student in General Studies

Justin Hughes, Outstanding Upper Division Student in Engineering Science

Sarah Abigail Brown, Jack White Character Award in Art
Eli Williams, Outstanding Student in Biblical Languages
Deejay Moses, The Servant Artist Award

Kimberly Bogart, Outstanding Upper Division Student in Mathematics

Midway, Arkansas
Jessica Swonger, HPU Outstanding Female Scholar-Athlete

Newport, Arkansas
Mikala Meadows, Outstanding Student in General Biology

Dalton Pendergrass, Outstanding Music Major (Instrumental) Lower Division

Brian Blanchard, Outstanding Music Major (Piano) Lower Division

Rachel Carpenter, Outstanding Student in Bible

San Angelo
Juan Luna, Honor Award in Criminal Justice

Valley Mills
Lance Bracco, Outstanding Lower Division Student in Biology

Kaitlyn Harrison, Kinesiology/Athletic Training Highest GPA – 4.0, Outstanding Athletic Training Student and ASC Medal of Honor Award

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